Reshma Patel, Executive Director

Reshma Patel has a deep interest in improving the access to and quality of education for underserved communities in developing nations. She brings a wealth of experience from both the for-profit and non-profit sectors to her role at Impact Network. Prior to joining Impact Network, Reshma Patel worked at MDRC, a non-profit, non-partisan social policy research firm, dedicated to finding solutions to improve the lives of low-income communities. In this role, she served as the project and data manager for a $30 million multi-college evaluation of performance-based scholarships in postsecondary institutions, and the project director for a study of a large microfinance program serving low-income women in New York City. Prior to MDRC, she was a pension risk analyst at Morgan Stanley, and an actuarial associate at Towers Perrin. In addition, she has worked abroad on multiple occasions, concentrating her time and efforts in South Africa and various villages within Gujarat, India. Reshma has a Bachelor of Math from the University of Waterloo and she is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.

Emily Anderson, VP of External Relations

Emily Anderson is VP of External Relations at Impact Network, where she manages donor and government partnerships in the US and Zambia. Previously, she was Government Relations Analyst and a Consultant at Virgin Unite, the entrepreneurial foundation of the Virgin Group. In 2015 Emily completed her PhD in International Relations at the London School of Economics, which addressed the state building impacts of tax reform in Angola and Mozambique.

Dan Sutera, Co-Founder and President

Dan has a passion for delivering technology solutions to the developing world and digging in to figure out how to make them work and make them sustainable. Prior to founding Impact Network, he helped to found several internet companies including ShareFile and Yext, both of which made the Inc 500 list as some of the fastest growing companies in the US. He graduated summa cum laude from both Duke University and NYU, where he received a Masters in International Development, writing a thesis on e-learning in rural Africa. He combines his practical entrepreneurial background with deep knowledge of development issues to forge solutions for education and poverty in rural Africa.

Michael Weiss, Co-founder and Research Specialist

Michael oversees our research and evaluation program. He is also currently at MDRC, a nonprofit social science research firm dedicated to building knowledge to improve social policy. At MDRC he serves as lead impact analyst on several multi-million dollar evaluations of education programs. Previously he spent 3 years working for the Educational Testing Services, followed by earning a Ph.D. from the Policy, Measurement, and Evaluation Division of the University of Pennsylvania.

Heather Curl, Teaching and Curriculum Specialist

Heather manages our teacher training and curriculum. She is currently an Ed.D candidate at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education and a lecturer at Bryn Mawr College. She has extensive experience in both teaching and teacher training, including mentorship at Teach for America and Philadelphia Futures. She holds a M.S.Ed in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum from The University of Pennsylvania.


Daniel Mwanza, Zambian Regional Director

Daniel serves as our point person on the ground in Zambia, organizing communities to construct our schools and PTAs to operate them. He has organized and worked with community groups in Zambia for over 20 years, starting community centers, youth sports leagues, and winning numerous recognitions from the World Bank and Zambian Ministries.

Joseph Mushashu, Operations Manager

Joseph joined Impact Network in November 2015, as the Operations Manager and is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of schools including reporting, enrollment, building maintenance, technical support and purchasing supplies. Joseph holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development and certificates in Information Technology and Commercial Management. Prior to joining Impact Network Joseph’s previous positions included District Cashier, Farmer’s Service Centre Cashier, Filing Clerk and Assistant I.T Specialist.

Tesilia Tembo, Teacher Supervisor

Tesilia Tembo joined Impact Network in January 2014, as a grade two teacher. In her first month she was recognized as teacher of the month. She has worked as a volunteer at numerous community schools teaching grades: one, two, five, six, eight and nine. She underwent teacher training at Jubeva as well as at several iSchool trainings. She also has experience as a sales representative. In September 2014, Tesilia was promoted to Teacher in Charge at Joel Community School. In March 2015 she took the position of Teacher Supervisor for Zone A schools at Impact Network.

Leya Sakala, Teacher Supervisor

Leya Sakala is currently the teacher supervisor in charge for Zone B schools at Impact Network. She is from the village of Nyanthalo in Katete, Eastern Province, Zambia. She has previously worked in Cargill Zambia and Olam Zambia Cotton Company in the supply chain and finance department related to cotton production. She worked as a government school teacher for 2 years before joining Impact Network. Leya is also currently pursuing her diploma in Early Childhood Education program from the University of Zambia.

Jonathan Mann, Implementation Specialist

Jonathan collaborates with the Zambian team improving instructional practices and building relationships with partner organizations. Before moving to Zambia Jonathan taught and developed curriculum for Newark Public Schools quickly rising to the level of master teacher. Knowing he could have a greater impact abroad he joined the United States Peace Corps continuing to educate youth and adults in rural Zambian villages. While there, he fell in love with the country and decided to stay taking contracts conducting monitoring and evaluation. Jonathan is excited to continue his work in Zambia with Impact Network, an organization he feels is doing development the right way.